Amber Guyger-Guilty As Sin!

And justice is served!

Murdering monster will now get what she deserves

Botham Jean, may you now rest in peace at last

Earned your angel's wings way too soon

Relief now that it is all over and her hell begins


God knows this has been far too long in coming

Useless anymore for this evil woman to deny her guilt

Young and selfish to the core she will learn the price of the worst mistake

Everyday the rest of her life haunted by her crime

Run free never again to harm another living soul, you b***h


Going, going, gone forever we can only hope her sanity will soon be

Uppity bimbo brought down to the level where she truly belongs

Lost everything and that is oh so fitting punishment don't you agree?

It's judgement day, honey, and you're all out of hope!

That's the truth

Your only future now is behind bars where we all pray you will rot


A racist you are thru and thru

Surprised none of us would be to learn you had planned this innocent man's death all along

Super big tears and so called innocent act fooled none of us

It's clear as crystal who and what you are

Now please do us all a favor and just rot in hell where your killing kind belongs!


2019 Ramona Thompson

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Amber Guyger-Guilty As Sin!

Revenge and justice are not synonymous.  Fogiveness is the only solution.  Stephen

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Tell his family to forgive. I

Tell his family to forgive. I know if I were in their shoes I would never forgive.