You Had No Right To Move On!

You have a hell of a lot of gall to do this!

Owe me so much more than just a simple apology

U low down dog among mortal men!


How could you so easy forget me and move on to her?

A lot of your shady past I'm she's not aware of

Don't you think it would be so damn funny if I told all those cheating stories?


Nothing you say or do can ever make up for this betrayal

Over and over you just keep right on breaking my heart


Rocked my world today with the news you felt was so damn urgent to share

It ripped apart all over again the heart that I thought had healed

God only knows why I ever thought that I loved you

The nerve of you to hook up with another so soon after!


Take your lies and shove them, mister!

Offends me so deep to know you think you can just get away with this


Maybe you forgot what you said before but I never have and never will

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be your only one forever rather we worked out or not

Vaguely, does that stir up the old boozy memory bank?

Everything we ever had was only another of your Casanova road show lies, was't it?


Oh well! Don't think I am letting you add her to your victim list!

Not a chance in Hell!


Because I am telling her everything tonight

Yeah, really!

How dare you think even for a minute you had any right to move on or have a life after me!?


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