No! You Cannot Touch This Married Woman's Lips!


Order you away from me with your disrespect and lustful dreaming


You are not my king and never will be

Only one man ever fully in my heart and my soul

U could never match up even close to what David Felton has got!


Catch yourself please before you wreck yourself

All this silly mooning over someone you can never have is just making you look more and more the fool

No way!

No chance in Hell! I am never going to fall into your waiting arms!

OMG! How dense can you be that a woman has to tell you no a thousand and one times?

This is really beginning to border on harassment and stalking\


The request is simply gross and going too far

Over and over you have ask until I have been forced to write this very public rant

U seem to have no moral compass to guide you at all

Can't see or understand how bad you creep me out

Hell, man! What is wrong with you?!


Taking for granted I'd want you at all

How ashamed your mother must be to have raised such a twisted man without a soul

It must be so lonely for you living all alone in her creepy basement

Surely you got the hint when I sent the restraining order?


Make your move....

Away from me!

Retch! Ugh! You make me just wanna....


Insanity, tell me, does it run in your family or is it just you?

Eager, always so damned eager you never even think to ask for permission

Doubt you will ever find true lasting joy in your warped lifetime


Why don't you get a life and stay the hell out of mine?

Open yourself to bettering yourself before it's too late

Make today better than your last yesterday

A million other women are out there single and dreading to hear from you

Now go harass them and leave me alone!


Let go of your sick fantasy cause it ain't never gonna happen

I love him, only him and always will

Please understand there will never be any room made for you

Sad, sad excuse for a man


Why don't you try a dating app next time?


Leave alone married strangers who could't care less about you!


2019 Ramona Thompson Felton (Mrs. Felton!)

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