I Keep Waiting To Hear Gun Fire!

I close my eyes and pray for this new normal to go away


Kindness and mercy I seek to preveil

Ever more elusive that wish seems

Every time I tune into the latest news

People just keep on dying and we get no closer to understanding



All so useless and without any good reason

It happens closer and closer together

There's nothing anyone seems willing to do to stop it

I wail in fear along with all the rest

Never knowing who or what might be coming next

God help us all!


This can't just keep dragging on

One way or another someone must speak out to end this maddness


How can we go on otherwise?

Every day fearing more of the worse to come

A nightmare that dreams endless on and on

Regardless of what we say or do to try and defeat it


The nightmare is all too real

Hell come to earth to feast upon the innocent

Eager madmad shooting and then shooting some more


Guns make more problems then ever they will solve

U must come to see that sooner rather than later

No weapon can be the salvation of mankind

Frankly, the truth is that it can only bring more death and despair

I am sick of that and pray you are all as well

Ready at last to ban these horrid demons from our lives once and for all

Eternal damnation and hellfire I fear we may all face....




2019 Ramona Thompson

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