Hobbs, Shaw and Bon Ouija

Note-Hobbs and Shaw so fast and furious are not the only ones out to save the world today!


Now there is also.....BON OUIJA!


Heavy metal shall rise again fast and furious

Once and for all to rule the world of music

Believe and we shall be kings unstoppableBroken down never again by this rap crap seeking to overrun our kingdom

Super hero of rock we reach out to you to join us!



And let all doubts, all fears flee faster from your heart then the most awesome racing car

None can dare now to compare to you

Dude of dudes and savior of all rock n roll


Super charged to rock this world

How can you resist?

As destiny reaches out to consume you

What more could you ask for or hope to find in this paradise awaiting?


A legend soon we will make you

No doubt

Destined for greatness with Bon Ouija you are


Born to do this and save the world

Open yourself to a whole new world ablaze with glory

Nowhere else and with no one else will you find this kind of joyous discovery


Only take our leather gloved hands to let the adventure beging

U are our greatest and number 1 hope

It is our fate and the fate of heavy metal everywhere that rest today in your hands

Join the fight if you dare

And together we know we can take back music and make it metal again!


2019 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija



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