July Fifth Leftovers

Just having pride and showing off your colors for one day is not nearly enough

U have to stand tall and firm for your proud nation 24/7, 365

Long live the true American dream!

You heard right, oh yes!


Fly high and march with that flag to support the one and only

It's the very best in all the land truly!

Fight for your right to defend her and show her off in all her glory

The bravest colors known to man

Here they are....red, white and blue


Let no one ever cow you down from voicing how proud you are

Everyday in every way for this grand country of ours

Fulfill your destiny and do your part to make America great again

There's no way you can go wrong again

Open and patriotic to the bone forever be

Victory will always be yours

Every great man and woman must be fearless to stand out in this way

Reaching for those stars and stripes always

So none ever forgets


Just how truly awesome our America really is!


2019 Ramona Thompson Felton

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