The Facebook Alien Invasion

Facebook has gone wacky yet again today so I wrote this as a joke piece.


Hope you all like it.


This is why it goes down

Hard at work and up to no good

Eager little ufo fiends are hatching quite the nasty plot indeed


Fully intending to and succeeding at enslaving the human race through the use of our very own social media

A monsterous b plot we assure you this is not

Call your friends and ask them if you don't believe us

Everywhere all over the world can't you see they have already begun the change?

Becoming more distracted and robot like by the day

One really should't be quite so quick to dismiss this as just another nut's conspiracy theory

Oh yes! The star wars have begun and the dark side is fast approaching!

Kinda feels and sounds real does it not?


All around us the evidence is getting clearer

Losing friends and family to the lure of their cell phone screens

It's been invitable that this was going to happen

Everything all started four years ago when they hacked the election to get their leader installed

Now a re-election bid looms and so does the end of our freedom as we know it


It is creeping ever closer now to mankind's day of reckoning

No more can we simply hide our heads in the sand and wish it all away

Victory for them is clear if we don't at least attempt to fight back

All that we must do to escape is simply log off and go enjoy the great outdoors

Seriously, is that too much to ask to save the fate of the world?

I don't know about you, but I'm heading for some of that sunshine right now

OMG! I pray it's not too late!

Now just let me make one more post and send one more text before......



2019 Ramona Thompson

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You should have left the part out that this is a joke piece and wached the crazies go crazy.  Stephen

ramonathompsont's picture

lol that would have been fun.

lol that would have been fun. I do like to cause a little mischief every once in a while.