Red, White and Bon Ouija

Still seeking volunteers!


Ready to rock n roll?

Eager to get on with the show?

Dare you to get....


Wild in the streets

Heat up the music scene with all that you got

Ignite the flames of

The new dawn to come of heavy metal

Eternally taking over every soul


And so let the celebration begin

Now come with us so we can take together to the next level

Demonic musical forces and shredding guitars shocking them all


Breaking with with all past boring traditon

One bold act will change it all

Never again will music ever be the same again


Once we break those chains and tear down those walls

U know they'll never what hit 'em

It's destiny, sweet freedom filled destiny

Join us now and become a part of history

As we emerge victorious.....


Red, white and Bon Ouija!


2019 Ramona Thompson

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