Having Children Takes Away From Everything

Note-for everyone who has ever bullied a woman over her choice not to bring children into this screwed up world! Don't attack her lifestyle choices! It's not your life or your body to rule!


How do I say this without offending anyone?

All this is only my thought on the subject

Victory in my life and career the way I want I could never have if they were there

In my life 24/7

Needing me to chase them around

Guiding and cleaning up after them


Children are just not and never will be on my radar

How awful you are to try and bully me into having them

It's cruel and it's heartless

Losing my sanity with alway on my damn back all the time

Don't you have your own life to look after so you can get your nose the hell out of mine?

Everyday it's the same old question from you and I'm sick of it

None of your damn business at any time or place!


This body is mine and I will do what I want with it when I want

And if you don't like that I don't really care

Kindly keep your thoughts to yourself!

Everyone else's business is not yours

So please do try to think before you speak


There's many different kinds of people in this world

It's not everyone's life goal to become a parent

Made to give up all their own dreams for those of someone else

Ever think about that?


A woman's choice is her own to make

What gives you the right to harass?

A life I have build golden and full

You have no reason to pressure me to add more to it than I want to


Frankly, I find it creepy a stranger cares so much

Regarding this topic I wonder how many other innocent women daily do you try and bully?

One or a thousand more?

Maybe you should seek some help for your obsession


Eager so bad for more children in this world?

Have some your damn self!

Reaching out on social media and trying to force your views on others is not the way

You are only making a fool of yourself


This is my life

It is not yours

However hard you push for a baby

I will never push one out

It's as simple as that

No baby is going to steal away my life's thunder

Got that?


Now mind your own business! Please!


2019 Ramona "I Never Want A Baby" Thompson

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