My Knight in Shining Armor

A lonesome, handsome gentleman.
Six foot two;
Surrounded by a white light;
I recall first seeing my Knight.

Intense blue eyes that pierced my soul.
I fell down,
into them.
Like Alice,
fell down that rabbit hole.

Engulfed me whole,
Just one big bite.

Comforts me,
hugs me tight.

Whispers to me,
"Everything will be alright".

While I fight off the tears,
running off my cheek,
Onto his shirt.

He picks me up,
like a wounded animal,
that is scared, & severely hurt.

Dries my eyes,
hands me tissues.

Comforts me,
The mixed girl,
with "Daddy issues".

He fits just right.
No other will do.

I have finally found my knight,
in shining armor.

Upgraded the metal...
& the horse,
into a '91 Honda.

He untied me from the train tracks.
No longer am I damsel in distress.

Without my Knight,
I'd be a mess.
He sees me, for, me.

He had me at "Good Morrow"
We didn't know what else to say.
What to do when it is half evening & half day?

I am proud to say,
I have found a man that makes me feel like every bit of woman I am.
Proud to say, I have found a man.

Not a hand, he would lay, on my lovely face.
He sees me for me, not my race.

He treats me better than gold.
Better than platinum.
He treats me the way I deserve to be:
Price tag free,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

& he jusssst helped me post this. YEP.

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