With an intro like this, you know it must be true
You looked at me, & I truly saw you
Beautiful eyes, like a sunrise, took me by surprise
Cheeks blush, pretty in pink
This is where my heart began to sink
A best friend to me, right under my nose, this entire time
I wanna make you mine
I look at your face as though seeing it for the first time
Examine every feature
Pretty in pink, I sink, into this divine creature
Swimming in your being, can't believe what I'm seeing
Tears well up in my eyes
Vision blurred
Confusion stirred
Dream deterred

With an intro like this you know it must be true
You love me
I love you too
But we have others, sisters, brothers
Old flames burning out
All I wanna do is make out on the couch
Be back in that moment
Freeze it, hold it
With an intro like this you KNOW it MUST be TRUE

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a friend's story to write this.
I'm back bitches!

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