I'm thinking thoughts that aren't mine.

Ask me how I'm doing and I'll give you the same bullshit answer I give everyone else.

"I'm doing fine".

Suicidal tendencies.

I'm fighting with the other me.

I look at me and I don't recognize my face.

Unidentifiable by race.

I'm not a real person.

I replace normal language with cursing.

Fuck, shit, tit, bitch.

Cunt, slut, whore.

I don't think I like me that much anymore.

I have no morals.

I'm having razor withdrawls.

I don't think I can stop.

Don't stop until you drop.

Peeling skin, missing bits and pieces.

Swallow it down hard.

Like the consumption of feces.

I can't take being around me anymore.

Time to show me the door.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate the way that I write.

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