New and Improved

It's no big deal.

And how fast I can heal.

I will soon start to feel.

I can now see what is real.

And it is certainly not you.

I'm feeling dizzy and I just don't know what to do.

Illusion is losing, my methods are dead.

My new method is to find a person that doesn't fuck with my head.

My body is lead.

And I cannot move.

"Watch out for her, she may be in another on of her moods"

Left in the nude.

With the public staring at the soul in which I am baring.

Sharing is caring.

And I'm a selfish whore.

Happy no more, here comes the rain again.

Attempts to protect myself all in vain, here comes the pain again.

Emotional drain again.

And then it ends.

Which is only the beggining.

I am at battle with God.

And I think she's winning.

Liberalisim is sinning.

So I am pretty screwed.

This is me.

And I am new and improved.

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