Not Funny

Pending upon this deep depression.

This is my bullshit sob story.

Left alone to suffer in my own personal purgetory.

But don't you worry about me.

Forlorn and left alone without a friend in sight.

Red and pink swells swirl up and down.

Do I look like I'm alright?

Smile snapped into a frown.

What has happened to my lifetime guarantee?

The best things in life are never free.

One plus two is one again.

You tell me why I can't make friends.


What have I done to cause everyone to despise me?


Facts are facts, and Fact is:

I'm a fucking freak.

Too much of a freak, geek and far too fucking sheek for you squares.

I can't think straight, I think in swirls.

I'm not like the other girls.

There's my problem right there.

While all the other girls are concerned about the color of their hair, I am contemplating the meaning of life.


Or will I make it to the top?

God is making fun of me.

And the asshole won't stop.

Fallen out of the fucking tree.

Dear god, This joke isn't funny.

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