Not fat.

Big boned.

And better off than all of you drones.


I'm not high, I'm stoned.

Occupation equals getting MADD bitches pwned.

Yes, I am a big girl.

And yes, the majority of you DO infact, make me want to hurl.

Highschool tilt a wurl.

None of you bitches know me.

And you bitches ain't shit.

You bitches need to get down on your knees and suck my dick.

Bitches like you make bitches like me sick.

Don't hate me because I'm thick.

You say I'm a freak?

A class A geek?

I'm in a class that your ignorant ass wouldn't understand.

And no bitch, I want nothing to do with your busted ass man.

Catch me on the corner with a cigarette in hand.

And my middle finger in the air.

Too fucked to care.

You people aren't fair.

Judge me like you know me and you haven't even read the first chapter of my story?

Listen to your mother and don't judge a book by it's god damned cover.

I'm so fly, I hover.

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