Never Ever

Regardless the amount of "ever's" I put between "We are never getting back together"
It would be an understatement.

I can barely be your fucking friend!

Can't go about making plans for the weekend...

NOW...can we?!

Thought you were there for me;

Disillusionment on my part.

Well, fuck me, for having a fuckin' heart.


You know that saying?

"Sometimes, you just get lucky?"

Well, you did.

& you fucked it up.

& you will be seeing no more of me.

I can't be your friend.

I don't want to talk to you.

YES. I was the only one there.

The only one there for you!

After your cousin died.

The only one there for you!

On some nights, in which, you might shed a tear or two.


Didn't judge you.

Told you, in my opinion a real man cries.

Helped you dry those brown puppy dog eyes;

From miles away...

Tried to help your insecurities too;

Like balding at twenty two.


But, I can't fix you!

Man the fuck up dude!

You listen to more Taylor Swift than I do!

I know you get all the references in this song.

That's why I wrote it for you.

Carly Simon ain't got shit to say today;

This song is definitely, about you.



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