The King of Shit


You think you're special.

You, you, you.

Almost had me thinking that you were special too;

With your fancy button up shirts.

Gentlemanly ways, saying you know how to treat a lady.

Oh, you, how you have decieved me.

Just like the rest!

Conceited, narcissitic, shallow, ego freak.

I tried my best...

Accepted you for your flaws;

Expected for you to do the same...

What I got in return is enough to drive a gal insane!

The fuckin' audacity!

How dare you compare me to the plastic bitches in porno magazines.

Looking at my breasts, looking at my scars...

Pointing out the big scars, every imperfection I have...

I am only fucking human, I am not from Mars.

I'm 100% organic baby, & if you wanna hate me for that, feel free.

I love me, for me.

Others do too, so how's about a big FUCK YOU?
You, you, you.

When will you get it?

You aren't special.

No one appointed you King.

If anything, you're the King of Shit.

& I think you know it...




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