Things take Time

Friends at first

maybe worse

time pass by

just a Hi

smiles at me

just may be

something there

thats very rare

little he show

is all I know

a pinch more close

but, that's the most

it's week ten

that's all there's been

I take my time

but there's not sigh

I know there's more

he has in store

there's a touch

Which means so much

But one small thing

can lead to a fling

Just one call

can say it all

I care alot

That's all I got

so far as we...

could so far be

As time progress

Then less and less

I'll have to learn

and also earn

his respect and trust

his love not lust

I share and care

will sure be there

when he needs me

then there I'll be

No one shall stand

before my man

yes, we are

close not far

just like we

used to be

but shall I say

he is mine Today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

June 14,1998 for (Weldon Howlett)

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