A Thin Line

There's a thin line

between love and hate

I walk this line

not knowing which step to take!

So I glance at love

Begin to think about

The things it offers

is this my route?

With LOVE I feel comfort

Security and fun

With LOVE I feel special

like a princess to that one.

But in the back of my eyes

Rises the fierce of HATE

Leaving me hopeless, without any faith

With HATE comes lonliness

anger and lust.

With HATE comes stupidity

and no need to trust.

But what makes LOVE good

and HATE bad?

Either can make us happy or,

even sad.

HATE can solve problems

make you feel good too

HATE can be friendly

and do things for you.

LOVE hurts feelings

that we have deep inside

it can make you go crazy

make you lose your pride.

Is LOVE an emotion

That burns is us deep?

Or is LOVE within a person

that is given like a treat?

Is LOVE a present

Cupid gives with a shot?

or is LOVE something your born with

something you already got?

Or HATE what about it?

Is it something we feel?

Is it like an emotion

or a feeling of ill?

Is HATE a reaction

that we like to display?

Is it done sporadically

or do we HATE each day?

confusion I say

these two bring upon my head

leaving me nauses and ill

lying sick in bed

But think about it

it's real

something we all do see

They both lie within you

and also within me.

So when you think about HATE

what color comes to mind?

How about that fiery heated RED

Which yet you try to bind.

And what about LOVE

It's well as the same

The heart equals red

As it's also hard to tame

So while walking down this line

and you come to the end

you have to make that desicion

of the most-wanted emotion of you within.

Just remember how close these two are

and most push them apart

No matter the attempts you away one

they both are imprinted on your heart.

Whether this is good or bad

That's all up to you

It's just an emotional conflict

We all go through.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 31, 2002

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