One Day

So one day I wake up

and set off on my way

Another day at the shopping mall

Th fitth time in May.

I walk around and window shop

for yet I'm always broke

I stop and eat at the food court

when i get this roughly poke.

I turn my head with a confused look

and see a man and his wife

The laugh and point to his shirt

that reads "Get a Life"!

I'm stunned, and I just stare a while

And I began to think is this a joke

then slowly I walk saying to myself

"there just silly old folk"

I later go visit my friend at work

and then I get asked is that all I do

I got offended and walked away

Yelling " I just wanted to visit you"

Then I begin to believe

That I have no life, just like they said

I suddenly fall sad, frowing at face

While sorrows pound in my head

Well I cam to the conclusion

That I dont have a life

Thinking of things to do to gain it

or just ending everything with a knife

But yet so many thoughts scamble through

and whats the big deal of having a life

Then some short conclusions come to mind

like, getting a job, moving, or becoming a wife.

But I yet can't figure out what to do

because theres questions I need to know

So until I find these answers out

my life will then began to grow

What is a life, and what does it consist of?

Where do you find a life, where should I go?

Why do I need this societies so called "Life"?

and when I get it how will I know?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written march 28,2002...

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