WIITID (What It Is That I Do)

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


I am extremely creative and have many roles in need of filling, thus the opportunities to join me in play are boundless.


There are many things I derive pleasure from when I am able to guide a woman sensually under my control. In play I often utilize aggressive, rough, abrupt and unpredictable play, generally balancing it out with humor.


I enjoy any sort of resistance play, whether it is utilizing cuffs, using my bare hands or directing a group to overpower you. But you won’t often find me testing my patience with rope bondage (my ADD prevents that).

I have a collection of buggy whips, paddles, canes, crops, floggers and other toys I have gathered at various thrift stores and vendor's fairs to round out my impact play arsenal.


With the right female I get pleasure sexualizing our experience with Hitachi magic wands, vibrators, dildos and other sensation devices for genital stimulation. I fuck on occasion too, and absolutely love dirtying up a clean cunt via cunnilingus.


I enjoy providing all of these sensations for a woman's enjoyment. I am aroused by all of the senses, thus the sights, sounds, touch, smell and taste of pleasure that emanates when joyful pain or orgasmic sensuality is delivered can be an intense rush for me. Some of my favorite activities are administering bare handed OTK spankings and manipulating the g-spot with a finger bang to provide squirting orgasms.


I enjoy learning how each woman I play with achieves her unique sensual/sexual release, and realize there is not one right way for a woman to achieve an orgasm. I have many techniques and enjoy experimenting with all of them.


As a gentle Daddy, I covet cool down time and aftercare. I enjoy giving soft caresses, scalp massage and erotic back tickling in cuddle time, and absolutely love bringing a woman back from subspace into a quiet, relaxing intimacy that is indescribable.


Role play is another specialty of mine. The Daddy/babygirl scenario is my favorite, but I love to explore all the fantasies of anyone I play with.


Many taboos such as rape play, degradation, humiliation, objectification, religious desecration, provocative artistic performance; pretty much anything outrageous or unexpected is fair game for my creative mind.

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Here are the comments that were left:


Amen to that, Daddy! My favorite memory of our Twisted Party scene at Sesso's so long ago, was when you used a pinkifinger-thick switch on my ass until it burned like a brand, then ran up behind me on the cross, grabbing my right leg by the thick and lifted it out to my side like a pretty ballerina, then suddenly shoved your fingers deep inside of me! I went from hot on the flesh and cold on the inside to, completely and irrevocably, flooded with warmth radiating from my core. I swear, I felt the flood gates burst open and I could feel your sinuous breath on the back of my neck. Even with my eyes cinched closed, my head turning away from you, I knew you were fiercely poised on my face with a smile suitable for that of Red Riding Hood's Wolf. That's what I'd be doing at that moment, anyway! Oh, but DaddyO! When you saw me slip away for just long enough, you stopped every touch just as abruptly as you had started, and I was flung into the supreme subspace trance that I have rarely found. OK, so the mistress can switch, but it was the aftercare that sold me on you. Oh, and remember the hot TS gurl afterwards? Amazing memories! You are definitely all of what you describe yourself as. It takes one hell of a strong DOM to drive this Cold Relentless Queen to succumb to acting as lowly as a Brat Bitch, even for an hour, but your the Asshole that made me realize just how many daddy issues I had. Damn you, DaddyO! Damn you.

The pleasure was mine. I still have a piece of your torn shirt hanging from my rear view mirror in my car. Damn you too for not showing up to Sesso more often, you sexy little slut!

That wasn't my shirt, that there, Daddy, is a piece of my panties! 

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