False Accusers Are Still Victims (So It's Hard Not to Victim Blame)

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by DaddyO


Just because a person is making a false accusation does not negate the fact that most false accusers feel victimized. The false accusations I've fallen victim to are based on a misunderstanding or miscommunication.


Bad scenes, bad relationship communication and bad disagreements, regardless of whether or not a consent violation occurred, produce regret. All it takes is a "supportive (rape victim) friend" or new (jealous) lover to convince the person who otherwise was simply "regretful" to take on a full-fledged victim persona. In order to do that they must conveniently twist or omit important details of the story to fit the "consent violation" narrative and thus align with their ally's skewed perception of events they were not even witness to.


But seldom do people make up false allegations unless they are hurting. So because of the hurt, they are indeed victims; victims of the pain of the misunderstanding, victim of their well intentioned friend or lover and most of all victim of their own regret.


But so are the falsely accused also victims, because I know as someone who has been falsely accused that it is excruciatingly painful. .

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