Why I Chose to Leave a Group I Was in on FetLife

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by DaddyO


The public newsgroup post said:


Grey, dominant man seeks 18- 22 yo slut to abuse

I've reached that point in life where I want only fresh meat - young and tender. I also have left behind inhibitions. If you want to put yourself in the hands of a man who will show you just how big a slut you are - you know what to do. Do it now.

The reply I intended to post:


- Grey
Not so subtle reference to a certain uber-popular book?
- Abuse
Perhaps not the best choice of words considering we are supposed to report "abuse." How about "consentual humiliation"?
- Fresh meat
Again, you appear to be doing the objectifying before consent has been granted.
- Do it now
A person in the Dominant role (which you claim to desire in this scenario) gets consent before telling their sub (or "slut") what and when to do something.
Would you like some help rewording your personal ad?

...until I read the group rules. Apparently this sort of "play" is allowed because by even joining the group a "young slut" is consenting to being treated without concern for her consent.

Now that's at best "tricky" and at worst "predatory and abusive."


But what do I know?

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