DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


My Fetishes:
Into: "i love daddyo" t-shirts (watching others wear), "slut" as a term of endearment, a sexy goatee (wearing), a swat on the butt in public (giving), adaptability, admitting when i am wrong, aftercare, aftercare for tops (receiving), age play, aggressive sexual dominance (giving), almost kissing, appearing wantonly, artistic ability, asking questions instead of guessing, attempting karaoke while receiving oral sex, attention (receiving), babygirl giggles (receiving), back of neck touching, bald headed scalp massage (receiving), bare bottom spanking (giving), bare legs in bathtubs, being 100% unapologetic about who i am, being a reaction junkie, being appreciated & adored, being caught in an aftercare as foreplay loop, being extroverted, being faithful, being giggly after an awesome orgasm, being in charge, being in control, being inimitable, being on the same page, being right, being someone's first to try something with, being the best lover you've ever had, being the reason everyone smiles, being the reason you have to shower, being the reason you're sore the next day, being there for the ones you love, being unique, belt spanking (giving), biting, bizarre object insertion (giving), bj alarm clock (receiving), blasphemy, blindfolds (giving), blow jobs (receiving), blushing (watching), body hair (wearing), boney shins (wearing), braces (watching others wear), brat beard (wearing), breast spanking (giving), breast/nipple play (giving), brown eyed waitresses, brown eyes (watching others wear), bruises (giving), caning, caressing, challenging me when we disagree, challenging other people's ways of thinking, cheerleading uniforms (watching others wear), choking the chicken (receiving), chubby cheeked girls with bangs and big eyes, claws, clear definition of expectations, clit kissing, clit spanking, clit sucking, clothespins, clover clamps (giving), club privata, club sesso alumni, cock gnawing (receiving), combining aggression and tenderness (giving), commitment, communication, communication even when it's complicated, compersion (receiving), complimenting one another, computers that work, consensual armpit sniffing, consensual pussy grabbing (giving), consensually using women as sex objects, controlling sluts, controlling you with a fistful of your hair, conversing while being fondled, conversing while fondling, creampie robin (watching), creativity, cuddles, cunnilingus, cunnilingus to fast times at ridgemont high (giving), cunt punting, cute little girl voices, daddy's purple turtle (giving), daddy/babygirl, daddyo's memory foam mattress pad (giving), dd/lg, deliciously sore pussy (giving), dildos, dimples (watching others wear), disney channel alumni (watching), doing dirty things in inappropriate places, domestic servitude (receiving), dominating anyone who lets me, drying your tears, e-cigarette, emotional monogamy, english caning (giving), enthusiastic consent (receiving), erectile dysfunction medication (receiving), erotic photography, ethical nonmonogamy, euphemism, exhibitionism, explaining my jokes, puns and parodies, eye contact (receiving), eyes that are two different colors (watching), f o r c e d orgasm (giving), face fucking (giving), face sitting/smothering (receiving), face slapping (giving), facial hair (wearing), fast times at ridgemont high (watching), fear (giving), fellatio (receiving), female ejaculation (giving), females, fidelity without monogamy, finding her "holy fuck" button, finger fucking in the car, fingering (giving), fishnets (watching others wear), fisting (giving), flared nostrils, flashing (watching), flirting, flogging (giving), fly swatters, foot massage, football (watching), footie pajamas (watching others wear), forgiveness, frantic rhyme, freckles (watching others wear), freedom of expression, freedom of speech, fuck me eyes (receiving), fucked and/or played with while sleeping or half awake, fucking a brat into submission, fucking to the cure, gangbangs (giving), getting off on getting your partner off, girls that get wet when they're spanked, glass dildos (giving), gothic beauty magazine, grabbed by the hair, bent over and fucked (giving), grabbing hips during sex, hair brushing (giving), hair petting (giving), hair pulling (giving), hairbrush spanking (giving), hard points (receiving), having chemistry, having my beliefs challenged, head rubs (receiving), head shaving (wearing), head underneath my kilt (receiving), hearing "i'm cumming for you, daddy", hearing both sides before deciding, hitachi wand, hitting love_ly's butt, honesty, honor (receiving), huge object insertion (giving), humiliation (giving), hygiene, ihop aftercare, impulsive optimists, incorrigibility, innocent and sweet looking girls, inserting boric acid capsules in your cunt, intelligent women, intelligent, constructive debate, intensity, interactive lap (giving), interracial sex, introducing newbies to the local scene, kissing, knee high socks (watching others wear), lap sitting (receiving), leaving marks, licking sweet things off of daddyo's head (receiving), lingerie (watching others wear), lipstick (watching others wear), lords of acid, lots and lots of gray chest hair (wearing), love_ly's butt (everything to do with it), making home movies, making out while listening to helen reddy, making the perfect cup of coffee for daddyo (receiving), male multiple orgasms (receiving), massages, master plunger, may-december relationships, mead hall dungeon, meaningful sex, miniskirts (watching others wear), morning wood (wearing), multiple orgasms (giving), music, mutual masturbation, my marks (watching others wear), necks, nipple sucking, licking and biting (giving), nipslips (watching), not getting burned for being open and honest, noticing hot girls add fetishes from my list, nudity (watching), nuzzling into daddyo's chest hair (receiving), nymphomania (receiving), obedience (receiving), objectification (giving), obvious acts of dominance in public (giving), oral servitude (pussy worship and ass worship) for hours (giving), oral sex, orgasm denial to everyone (giving), orgasms, otk spanking (giving), outdoor sex, over-sharing, pain (giving), paintoy.com (watching), passion, people who are available (receiving), people with positive energy, performing domestic servitude for daddyo (receiving), perky nipples, personal freedom, phone sex, pigtails (watching others wear), pinching (giving), pizza, pizza baron pizza, poetry, pointy nipples, polyfidelity, polysexuality, pop rocks blow jobs (receiving), popping the squirting cherry (giving), pouncing on my next innocent victim, power exchange, predator/prey, primal sex, public humiliation (giving), punching (giving), puns (giving), pussy spanking, raunchy sexual play without actually fucking, really feeling your love, reciprocal devotion, recognizing thinking errors, red cheeks club, resistance play, respect, rorschach wetspots (giving), rough sex, rough, aggressive play, rubbing daddy's sore feet after a long day (receiving), rubbing love_ly's butt, sapiosexuality, saying 'yes, this' to things daddyo says (receiving), scent, scratching daddyo's back with a plastic fork (receiving), sensation play, sensation sluts, sensual caning (giving), sensual domination (giving), sensual play, service-oriented submission (receiving), sex, sex in public, sexual ageplay, sexual objectification, shadownite neck rubs (receiving), shallow-throating (receiving), shameless self promotion, shaving daddyo's face and head (receiving), shoes (wearing), silliness, slapping (giving), sleepy sex, slug fucking, slut by day, princess by night, slutty girls, small tits, smiles, snoring lovers, snuggling, soft hands on a hard cock (receiving), someone to cuddle with (receiving), spanking, spitting (giving), spooning, squeaky clean dirty girls, squirting (giving), squirting in daddy's face (receiving), squirting orgasms (giving), stress-relief beatings (giving), submission (receiving), subtle acts of submission in public (receiving), sucking your clit till you squirt, sumptuoussam's lips (receiving), supporting the rights of others, talking dirty, tearing off clothing, teleiophilia (receiving), telling your slut who to fuck, text striptease (watching), the catalyst dungeon, the gift of submission (receiving), the phrase "i'm cumming for you, daddy" (receiving), the velvet rope swingers club, tit pinching (giving), tit slapping (giving), toe sucking (receiving), tommy turtle (giving), touching, transparency, trolling for 20-somethings, using daddy's cock as a pacifier (giving), using random household items for completely perverted purposes, vaginal stretching from daddyo (giving), valhalla house, vanilla, vape, vapor inhalation, verbal humiliation and degradation (giving), viagra (receiving), vibrators, waitresses, wanting to fuck people that live far away.., whips, women who like bernie sanders, women who look younger than their age, women with mohawks, writing objectifying words on your body, young women, young women being sluts for older men.



Curious about: accents, accountability, animalistic sex, antarctican nonagenarians, babysubdoll, balanced energy exchange, beets, being blacklisted, being predatory, bible spanking (watching), bimboification (giving), bjs from girls in pjs (receiving), blowing up winnierider's doughnut seat, bottoming from the top (receiving), bowling pin insertion (giving), canning (no, really putting things in cans), creepy (watching), daddy's cockadoodledoo song (giving), degredation (giving), doms who will dominate 'just anyone', energy play, fucking, fucking artsnob's earlobe (watching), getting fucked hard by a leprechaun (watching), giving compersion, graphoerotica, hard limits? i call them erect limits, human doll (watching), i'll do what i told you to tell me to do, kitten petplay (receiving), kitty cat cuddle puddles, laughtercare (giving), letting go of the past, letting go of the past and living for today, love, me (i always feel like somebody's) (watching), meaningless sex (watching), monogamy, naked people riding bikes (watching), not playing with daddyo, not pulling other's triggers, older women, one who reciprocates commitment, out their welcome in the local scene (watching others wear), parking lot bjs to prove your submission (receiving), prada (if you're the devil) (watching others wear), pulling daddyo's beard (receiving), retroactive consent (watching), satyriasis, service (receiving), sex in a rabbit hutch, sex olympics, sex with strangers, sharing my brat with my friends, sleep (receiving), sloth sex, snarkgasmic women, soccer moms with great breasts, speed munching (watching), submissive women, subs who will submit to 'just anyone' (watching), taking control of your next breath, the 51st shade of grey, the detectives (watching), the wheels go round and round (watching), tit stickers (watching others wear), total power exchange (receiving), trust (giving), truthful accusations (receiving), unintentionally stirring up drama, utter abandon to our carnal cravings, your lovely lady lumps (watching).



Soft limits: anime, brats (watching), chakra energy play, eye contact restrictions, gas masks (wearing), liquor (receiving), outdoor bondage, self-bondage, smoking.



Hard limits: anal beads (receiving), anal chastity, anal sex (receiving), anal stretching (receiving), armbinders (wearing), ball kicking (receiving), ballbusting (receiving), ballet boots/shoes (wearing), bathroom use control, ben wa balls (receiving), bondage (receiving), branding (receiving), breeding, catheters, chastity, cigars, dalliance fun at the tl, decorative cutting, deep throating (giving), diapers (wearing), emotional masochism, encasement fetish, face farting, fire flogging, fire play, fish hooks, flesh hooks, hemp rope, high heels (wearing), hojojutsu, human ashtray, human toilet, impregnation fantasy, infidelity, japanese bondage, klismaphilia, large objects (receiving), mistresses with strap-ons, muscle worship, old guard slavery, orgasm denial, petticoats (wearing), posture collars (wearing), rope bondage/suspension, shibari, sissy training (receiving), staples (receiving), strap-ons (receiving), superheroes (giving), suspension, toilet, uncut cock (wearing), urethral fucking, urethral sounds, vacuum bed (receiving), zentai.

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