The Real Victim Mentality

by Jeph Johnson


To be a racist or sexist one must subscribe to elitist ideals regarding a race or gender.


I don't want to do this. I really try not to do this. To me everyone has an equal opportunity regardless of their sex, gender, skin color or ethnicity. I believe this because I believe everyone has unique goals and aspirations in life.

Notice I didn't say "to society everyone has an equal opportunity regardless of sex, gender, skin color or ethnicity."


No, there obviously are societal variables that effect people all different ways, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Society places a huge emphasis on employment, finances, status and education. So depending on the way a person goes about their life, they will benefit more or less from the different privileges and/or hardships their situations present.


Yeah in the U.S.A. it is quite probable a minority will face more hardships than a non-minority, but that doesn't mean ALL do and will.


Unfortunately many who mislabel others "racist" and "bigots" or "sexist" and "predators", do hold elitist viewpoints. They do see one sex, gender, race or ethnicity as having a distinct and across the board advantage.


They look in the mirror and feel guilt where there really doesn't need to be. They paint themselves guilty: a victim of their own privilege. They then enlist the false panacea of mislabeling others with the same condemnation to attempt to atone for their misdeeds.


Unfortunately when someone mislabels someone sexist or a racist this mislabeling, by its nature, makes light the atrocities of real sexism (rape) and bigotry (ethnic cleansing).


In order to attempt to build back up the seriousness of the crime they have muted, they get so carried away by these causes that they start finding villains and victims where there aren't any. They start mislabeling and falsely accusing. When you mislabel and falsely accuse enough people, it brings the villain and victim tally up to a level that supports the original hypothesis that all the people who fit into their nice little box are racist and sexist.


And we go around in circles once again.

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