Ode to the Little: A Person, Not a Paraphilia

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

I was recently asked what doesn't bring me joy when it comes to ageplay.


Since the Daddy/babygirl relationship and sexual play dynamic is what most floats my boat, I found it, at first, very difficult to answer.


"Nothing! I like it all."


Think again, DaddyO!


There was one thing that frustrated me...


Those ageplayers who do not do sexual ageplay.


This in no way means I don't agree 100% that they have every right to do non-sexual ageplay, it just means it frustrates me because well, for me it is sexual.


I know I have sometimes made ageplayers feel intimidated because Daddy/babygirl ageplay definitely springs from a sexual source for me.


But after some devastating trial and error which caused hurt to many people close to me, I have learned a valuable lesson:


To be a good Daddy one must come to the acceptance that, despite it appearing to be a sexual fetish/paraphilia, and regardless of how you, as a daddy, came about your interest in ageplay...


Age regression is NOT Sexual! 


Just like being a certain ethnicity is not sexual or having a certain color of eyes is not sexual. Hell, even being a certain sex is not sexual! Am I right?


I used to assume it was a given that Daddy/babygirl play was just a sexual fetish and unless specified by the little that they didn't want it to be sexual, it remained as such.


This isn't the case at all.


It is the opposite.


One must consider the little as a person NOT as a sexual fetish.


The "little" inside is a very precious and fragile part of a person's nature, so to be a good Daddy, I have learned to focus on the little's "little experience" solely as platonic and not assume that the little space that a babygirl enters into is a result of, or edict for, sexual play.


Just because it is a high ranking fetish for me should not override that fact that it can (and often does) mean it is something entirely different for her.

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