"Tanyatoy's Tattoo, Part Two"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

When one thinks of Tanya, the mind’s unaware,

Of all that’s encompassed in her sexy stare.
Deer in headlight frozen with her “fuck me” eyes
It’s endearing to be chosen, the one she decides
To play with in private, though she loves to display
No inhibitions when coming to play.
It’s a glorious place where I have control:
The journey of splendor, down her rabbit hole.
Like Alice on acid, a Wonderland spree
Her free flowing fountain just does it for me
While she trusts the mermaids to swim with their tails
And take her to places the pirates won’t sail
Towards shorelines where sirens of ancient folklore
Led sailors towards rocks, she’s screaming for more!
Crashing with passion, the sound of my whip
Against her derriere makes her pussy drip
And let’s not forget her wonderful skill;
Bottoming for those who can’t get their fill.
Reaction junkies, when given the chance
With this sensation slut, will pull down her pants
And place a loud spanking under her tramp stamp tattoo
All the while ‘tween her legs she’s so damp for you
Arousing the masses with sensual delight
Or sitting on the lap of her Daddy all night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Tanya, 2012 

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