"Moonshine Sparrow"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


M is for magnificent, so statuesque her form.
O is for orgasmic, without even watching porn!
O is for outstanding, alone or in the crowd,
N is for the natural things she will allow.
S is for her squirting, wetness I can taste
H is for her hands covering up her face
I is for incredible...miraculous at that!
N is for names like "babygirl" and "brat"
E is for excitement that fills the dungeon floor

S is for her sexiness that no one can ignore.

P is for polyamorous, so many are held dear
A is for adorable, gender-fluid queer!
R is for respected, she makes other's spirits rise
R is for reflected, her smile in Daddy's eyes
O's are for her Daddy, he does them to her best
W is for wondering what Moonshine will do next

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Moonshine, 2012

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