"I Love Your Body"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Sweetheart I love your body
I love it through thick and through thin
It warms the bitter cold in my toes
Yet can cool me from within


When anxiety cripples my progress
Your smile provides the path
Across my heart, and hope to live
With peace instead of wrath


Sweetheart I love your body
Your skin is beyond the pale
Exceeding the limits of other's expectations
We succeed when I have failed


Sweetheart I love your body
Covered or bare and revealed
Tropically bronzed or snowy white
Smooth or with scars yet healed


Sweetheart I love your body
And all its form defines
For my love for you is perfected
When I trace along its lines


Sweetheart I love your body
With a love that will never grow old
Because it surrounds all that you are
And you're all I long to hold


Sweetheart I love your body
From Hello Kitty barrette in your hair
To the tips of your painted toenails
Touch can excite anywhere


When you look up towards me
Whether weary or bright-eyed
Please know I love your body
But more so I love what's inside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Joy, 2015 

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