My Mother’s owl collection


Ever since I've heard my mother talk about animals, owls have always been on her list of animals,from clothing to bed sheets; from decoration to jewelry i swear she has an owl on everything that you could imagine. is it its mystery? is it their eyes? or could it be their color? true is she’s obsessed with them. i remember asking her why she liked them so bad, she said she knew i was smart enough to figure it out so the challenge began, young and curious i asked my grandma and she said she once had one as a pet “gift from her aunt” but my grandma was afraid of it, specially the way its eyes look at you. Owls owls they look at you and haunt you it their eyes owls owls their heads turn the other way around. My mothers gets exited every time she see something with an owl, and always seems to buy it, she got this decoration tri-piece that looks so real but they’re short, i kept wondering if they were haunted. Sister you’re crazy!! my aunt used to said but last moms birthday she gift her a pair of earrings… and yeah they were about an owl. I kept reading and watching batman series, “We’re the court of owls, a secret smart society” the crime organization group said. Young and not to smart but full of curiosity i thought she’d be in an organization and it ended there. History courses spoke about secret societies such as the infamous “illuminati” and my art/literature teacher kept telling us about symbolism, how old tribes used animals, representing each one different think. doubt grew and so did curiosity. Took my butt to the internet to see if there was a symbolism at all -intelligence, brilliance, perspective, wisdom, independence, mystery, power- i felt like i finally got the right answer after all those years. Mom is it because they could represent all these things? maybe she said… they’re called mysteries because you can’t have all the answers, but you can appreciate them, theres always something else she said. I guess i’ll never know why, but i did learned that somethings are there for us to appreciate them and not to know everything about them. I guess its better to love a mystery, since curiosity keeps the fire on going, and as new stuff with Owls gets into my moms hands, my curiosity will keep on growing, maybe the owls are to my mom what my mom is to me, another great mystery.  

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