Was the answer found in someones song?

   Did it remain truthful 'til it moved along?

Does it triumphantly grace an hour of greed,

   When the desire to "live" betrays the time of need?

And was it questioned, unbelievedd be found,

   To find after all it was only a sound?

        And sound to some may be a'floating,

            On a far canal or distant boating?

        Or perhaps on whispers, murmurs tuths,

            That may one day be all the proof,

        That when we were wanted we were found,

            But in times of need had gone to ground.

        But in our passing had given hope,

            To times remembered that make us choke,

        Yet our guilt does no-longer make us fray,

             And is this I would like to say,

        That our time is not to needlessly question,

             But just to take part in conscious lesson.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Word Processing, Words, the Voice, a Grunt, a Screech, a Splash.

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