Self Care Motivation: Correct it/ that's what I've done

Everyone is gonna fall sometimes; but it doesn't change and doesn't stop them from fighting to be who they are  and doesnt kill that deep desire.


No one is perfect----they can be great; they can be wonderful and the best---but still they can sometimes fall.



I fell at least once; but the mistakes/errors are smaller now. You make a mistake/error; you fix it, and that's what i have done.



When you know what you wanna say; but a couple wrong things fall out, pick up those pieces; throw them away and correct it; and that's what i have done.



If you speak of past; making sure you don't give off too much; but it ends up as confusing in the end when you think of it again.....



still you corrected and fixed it. You made sure you made it clear of what was supposed to be what. and that's what I did.



When it decides to fly through your mind; and your worries are large and your tears pour like a shower..... talk to yourself.




That's what i did. I know I am great, my only step now is to let it go. It's hard but; your lover even said to let it go. He won't be bothered by it. I'm sure of it. You two have been through lots... haven't you? yes you have. I don't think he'll leave. this is a small fall, and he picked you up without you noticing..... take a breath and smile and say, my love and I; we're gonna be okay.

For this matter though; It's not something I did, but it's something I'll do.

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