Think Im Crazy

Embracing You

People will think I'm crazy. sitting with you after what we encountered together. But too bad for them; I'm crazy in many ways they won't get, many ways they won't understand. You shoot me a look of negativity, unwellness and irritation; but its all like a tsunami, the foreign overseas kind. Out of your mouth is negative energy, like a demon flying out in a black ghostly spiritual form. It all falls on me like a heavy downpour of your tears, of your sweat, and fears. I beg you to rest but the negativity isn't over, more demons more ghosts, it enforces you to fall out of proportion, the devil decided to hurt you and hurt me as a finishing touch....You rest your head carrying hair of fine charcoal silk. Devils finishing touch is my cries of fear, worry hurt and pain, all swarming together to make one nasty thing one cannot contain. But i stand still in silence; and i allow you to rest well; stress will die off soon enough. love will grow even more. People will again think im crazy; wondering why i deal with a shower of storms. But i still tell them its worth it. And as far as i am concerned; even if people sit on the sidelines and watch us go about like our lives are a play put together; they won't understand it how we do..... even while some things are gone and the positivity of our atmosphere; will still remain. 

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