The Forever Rose

Embracing You


Our love is like the rarest kind of flower, one you would barely ever see, because it exists not in this world we all live in, but one fit for just you and me.

It sits calmly and grows gracefully, in our own version of the land of paradise. Alive through any kind of disaster, never dying despite any storm.

I call it The forever rose, sitting always in the light, always there with a drop or two of dew, on the petal coloured bright.

The outside is coated with a light lavender purple, and the inside a deep violet purple.

Many others sit coated in a light and dark shade of each color, red, blue, yellow, pink, and white.........which of course goes along with a grey or charchoal.  

The grass is green as an irish clover, water as clear as the sky with no clouds.

The birds always sing, the rainbows always shine---but after a gentle storm, rough too if there must be.

But there's a reason this flower was based on our forever, placed in this land so free.

Because this is our forever land, showing eternal love and beauty, and so darling, pick a forever flower, and when you leave it at my door, I'll know that it's meant for me and based on our love, which is meant to last always and forever more.

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