Silence, my friend



I'm with you most the time, though i cannot see you, i can seemingly hear you, sense you and feel you.

Your a quiet gust of wind, the mild ring in my ears, the fact there's no sound, but just silence.

Your there in my room, all over the place no matter where i turn, always there you are, colliding with the wind, making my hair flow, breathing the cold onto my skin, causing me to shiver; as you go on and blow.

I stand alone, and you follow me, your like a invisible bubble surrounding me.

Silence. Your a complicated thing hard for one to discribe, but no matter where one goes, what one does, you pop out of nowhere, and your there always.

Thank you for being my friend---embracing me in my moment of a yoga session, in my hour of long and helpless emotional thinking.

Your always there, and thats why i love you, silence.

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