How Do I


How do I cope with such a session; a session of fear, worry nothing related to depression?

How do i keep myself aware; that my dearest love is here and hes someone who does care?

The thoughts in my head; the tears i shed! How can i get through when this is something i mostly dread?



How do i calm down? how can something like this cause me to want to drown?

someone special taught me the importance of strength; bravery, confidence and to go to a great length.

Beforehand you hear words of a anxious worrysome fearful lady; who has no way of defending herself; or the opportunity to have a say.

But being saved from something big made her a woman; she stands tall and sees through it all.


Anxiety; i dont like you, you are not in charge. But how do i fight you; how do i stand a chance against you?

You get the best of me at some points; but you dont and will not run my life!

so how do i walk away alive, fearless happy and strong?

well i have a man who encourages me to continue; and that it is with him which i belong. <3

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