What's Happened?

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I know there had to be a time when we didn't have to worry about BOMBS and every--body got along. When we didn't have to worry about SPIES, no one got VICTIMIZE. what is HOMICIDE? places where PRIDE never matters, able to get along like ALL men and women were meant to do. what do you mean "WHOSE GOT BEEF?" why speak about PEACE if you don't mean it. now look at the BEEF and whose got it. straight from overseas or shall I say lakes. look at our CHILDREN! and we got BUILDINGS FALLING DOWN. sound has gotten so loud. why do we have to DECIEVE and DISAGREE? why can't it just be you do what you gotta do, and I'll do what I gotta do all out of the respect for PEACE. instead our colors are being JUDGED on the streets, through our t.v.'s about the way we act and speak. can't even say that sentence what out thinking I'm talking about BLACK FOLKS or relating to. which isn't always true. we all know what to do. be apart of each others lives, ACT CIVILIZED, RECOGNIZE and REALIZE that we are ALL here TOGETHER. men and women listen, MY MISSION is always to live a life and survive. I shouldn't have to worry about WHO SPIKED I mean SPARKED THE BEEF or the way that I speak. we know bringing up SKIN COLOR can get real deep. just thinking about it makes me more convinced that there had to be a time when every--body was at PEACE. you know what gets me? it will never be the same. next thing you know there will be LAZERS on those SATELITES watching our every left and right moves. all because you CAN'T TRUST some people these days. can I get one of those SATELITES? what! you don't TRUST me? why are we being JUDGED on what RELIGION we are? if there is ONLY ONE, why is so many saying that "what they are saying", is the truth? there's two sides of every story. weigh them out. WHAT'S HAPPENED? and WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?

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