One for the Reader

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As you're sitting at your computer with your eyes lock upon your screen,

You're reading my poem line for line  putting together what it is I mean.

Unaware of what's to be said next

you check to see just how long this poem is,

As you get trapped in Poetic creativity you read more

so therefore

You're about to bare witness.

Bare witness to how determine I am to show you I can

get you to continue to read,

As I intrigue your curious mind

unblind your thoughts

giving them the ability to see

How Poetically

I have got you focused.

At the end you will check

Just to see again who wrote this.

Well Peacebrotha522 is my name, getting you to read my Poem is my game.

Next poem, it will all still be the same.

Still capturing your focus

to reassure you of my skills,

At will

Changing words that rhyme

to combine verses of some sort.

Well that's all for now and thanks for your support.

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