2001 Poetry

I’ve never guessed you’d come this far

Stirred my gait through your cynic ways

I laughed and sobbed to all I dared

Pursuing to bending your obstinate haze

I sat and sang in front of thee

Whispering songs of misty glee

My breath has seized to follow me

Jostling and turning, What could this be?

Seduced by the instance of a phony smile

Lulled to a reverie of holy sly

Forcing to becoming a comical style

Only to realize the journey was just a mile

You must have thought how gullible I must be

To try to stroll me into the depths of your misery

Your mockery never ceases to amaze me

Don’t worry, they were all taken so readily

The days I played in usual gay

Were crushed in an instance of one dreamy day

That patience I gave for the sake of propriety

Disregarded, wasted and violated

As I wonder my gaze to the trails that we had

With all the grueling relics of moment’s unhand

In self-effacing I’ve come to hug

My usual yen has come now to a full stop

The days ahead excite me to see

A day wherein I could again be me

In a canoe with hands paddling away

These short-lived moments of my asininity

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