Shortened Season

~Shortened Season~


Laura was done with being an abused whore.

She had some money in the bank,

hatred in her heart, and a plan 

to hit back. 


She decided to continue to do tricks,

for a while, but now,

the tricks would be on the Johns.


Laura used the straight razor she kept under her pillow

to cut the balls off several of her clients,

and after a week or so,

she bundled them up in a piece of fishnet stocking.


It was a Monday day game when Laura

took a bus to Dodger stadium

with her ball of balls in her purse,

and when the National Anthem was over and done,

she bought a hot dog and a beer,

yelled "batters up!" 

and threw the ball of balls onto the sunny, green, field.




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Shortened Season

Someting eerily strange and byzarre about this poen, so much so that I enjoyed the read.  --   Stephen