Message To Anything


God, why can’t everyone be happy in  this world? What makes people wanna hurt themselves? Why did you give humans the power to remember? To have memories of darkness and pain, to outweigh the positives? Why is the feeling of suffering such a hard thing to watch? Is it because I can’t change anything? Why can’t everyone just be happy? Why do humans have to inflict pain onto others? I sit here pleading for the power to change someone close to me. Why can’t anything I do make this person completely change and become happy? Why was I sent to this world to make this person stay depressed? Why have you placed me on this earth to be happy and privileged but not give me the ability to change someone? If time is an illusion then why do people need time to change? God why will you never let me understand how the human brain works? Love is just your trick to make me wanna give up. But why is everything I do not change ANYTHING! WHY! I guess I’m just a coward for writing this huh!? Figures, you ain’t want me to help this person. You want me to be the reason! My heart is filled with anger and hatred but if love is your illusion to tricking me to take on my own enemies than I sure know hatred and anger won’t change anything. You bred humans to do what?! Help each other? IS THAT IT!? Well then why can’t I FUCKING HELP THIS ONE!? 


“Agony is the price that you pay in the end”- Pantera

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its not a poem its a helpless plea.......

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