Shift into Flow


Driver’s suit, racing gloves and shoes, helmet with neck restraint 

He double-checks to make sure he has all the gear he will need

Packs enough supplies to stay a couple of days and nights

Loads newly-washed race car on to the trailer and is off to the track


She chooses comfortable clothes and pins hair away from her face

Grabs a hand towel, her yoga mat, and a bottle of water


He negotiates space in the noisy paddock and unloads the car

Rushes to driver’s meeting with questions and answers, hustle and bustle

Checks tire pressure, oil, gasoline, passes safety inspection

Quickly changes into racing suit, buckles in, and waits in the grid


Sauntering to the studio she greets her classmates and unrolls her yoga mat

Placing towel and water nearby, she sits serenely in lotus position


Waiting in grid to enter the race track, his mind rushes through a list

Are all safety straps secured? Who is in front of me? Behind?

How will that play out when we hit the gas? Strategizing. It’s hot!

Did I remember to eat breakfast? Anxious, but eager anticipation


She evaluates her seated spinal alignment and state of mind

Mindful of poses that challenge her, she anticipates and is ready to move 


He takes a breath. 

     She takes a breath.


Setting an intention for performing at their best,

     Focusing single-mindedly on each movement, 

                                                         They shift into flow.

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