My Fantasy

Romeo Franco


The garden I see,

a waterfall that gleams,

colorful flowers in bloom,

have butterflies fluttering,

beautifully around me,

as the birds sing in tune,

my heart's falling for you.


My mind's wild fantasy,

during this springtime,

where your smile,

makes my heart beat,

thought of your kiss,

my world is in a bliss,

for a dream come true,

with love all for you.


Somehow my doubts,

have disappeared,

my darkness within,

has a light of hope,

& feels the breeze,

where my soul,

is high in the sky,

floating on cloud nine.


The ray's of sunlight,

caresses its warmth,

towards my body,

the wind whispers,

keeping my secret,

maybe I'll be free,

to love you unconditionally.

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