Waiting impatiently for your hand to open the door

Waiting quietly to hear your foot steps

Soon it hits me, that it will no longer happen

You've gone

Left me alone

Sitting wondering

When did you grow up

I see you now

And know that you still are a child at heart

But soon this will change

And you know it too

You try to hide it with childish ideas

But those will soon pass

And we'll both see what you did was wrong

But right now its just a game

And you want to see how close you can come

To losing this game

I really care, but i gotta let go

And i need to move on

I need to let you grow up on your own

Without me in the way

trying to hold you back with me

And your childish dreams

Growing up is fun, in so many different respects. You need to be careful as you do. Protect your mind, and your heart. Keep one thing in mind as you move on in life. You've always been a part of me and always will be. I love you and the times we have shared. But now it is time for me to move on, and let go.

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