Friend i love the way you smile

that glow that goes on for miles

That laugh that brightens up my day

It brings me back when i drift away

Friend your humor, humors me

And laughs at the jokes that are as stupid as can be

I wanted to thank you now

For helping me when i didn't know how

You helped me through all those really hard times

When i felt i couldn't go on, and wanted to die

We've shared our laughs and our tears

We've gone through heartaches, and our fears

But throughout all the times i have had

Your the one who helped me whn i was sad

You are the best there ever was has been

Its the greatest frienship i've been in

There are years that passed and are years to come

and no matter what, you'll always be my #1

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to all my friends who have helped me and stuff like that. I love you all

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