Left For Dead

Look at you now

All bloated and stinking

Feeding the maggots and flies

What were you thinking?


Did you think it would last?

Your rein of malicious intent

All the days of physical abuse

And nights of hellish torment


Your belittling ways, gave you such a thrill

How you chipped away at my sanity

Breaking not only my bones

But my dignity and will


You tried to control my thoughts

Your power over me you had to prove

By binding my heart and soul

So tight I could barely move


I had become just a toy

To amuse your twisted mind

To my misery and unhappiness

You were unaware and completely blind


But your cruel games are now over

Your time of tyranny is through

It was my life I had to defend

And that’s why I had to kill you


I wish they had not found you

Revenge or satisfaction I never really got

I wanted to feel your soul suffer


And watch your body rot!

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