Springtime Interlude

Slowly I am drifting,

Fluttering across a lush and green meadow,

Seeking out the life giving nectar

Of your flower.


Your ruby red pedals

Spread wide and inviting,

Anticipating my arrival.


Gently I land

Upon your silken

But firm pedal.


I kiss you softly

As I move slowly across your surface

Towards the soft and sensual spot

That hides your precious gift.


Caressing and probing

With maddening desire

I thrust inside you.


Overwhelmed with ecstasy and pleasure

I drink the delectable essence

Of your being.


I drink your life giving juices

Until I am drunk with your intoxicating liquid

And can no longer feel the wings upon my back.


I pull away to recover my senses.

Slowly I regain control

And caress you softly

With my pollen covered hands

Then bid you farewell.


As I lift away with sadness in my heart

I am comforted to know

That another will find you again


Next spring.   

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