Darkness Above

The Angel of Darkness

hovers close overhead;

I can feel his evil stare

like an impending dread.


Dark and foreboding

with fiery eyes,

that can pierce a weaker man's heart

and fill it with lies.


I feel the heat of his gaze

and smell the stench of his breath,

full of hatred and malevolence

and the promise of death.


He patiently waits

to claim my soul as his own,

and force me to pay homage

and bow to his throne.


An eternity of suffering

is promised to me,

if I weaken my defenses

and allow this to be.


But my heart is made pure

because I pray to the light,

and live a clean life

and try to do right.


To this wondrous light,

I give devotion and love,

and in return, I am protected

from the darkness above.


But sometimes the light can get hot

and burn like the sun,

and trying to be perfect

is sometimes not very fun.


So on those bright days

I let my veneration fade,

and seek out the darkness’ shadow


for just a little bit of shade.

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