Witches Brew

With your eyes full of hate

As venom drips from your fangs,

Your pores oozing contempt

While anger courses through your veins.


A putrid cloud of malevolence

Surrounds your black heart,

While animosity and revenge

Rips your sanity apart.


Your mind has been poisoned

And your spirit subverted,  

By the slow death of your soul

Which you could have averted.


You chose to consume

The evil and hate,

Eating every rancid morsel

Served to you on that plate.


You wash it all down

With that liquid you hold dear,

As you continue to drown

In your own misery and fear.


This sickness has destroyed

Everything you held true,

You’ve traded your life

For that foul devils brew.


Unable to see

Past the darkness and lies,

Even deaf now to hear

Your soul’s pleadings and cries.


Unsuccessfully you try

To wash it away,

As you drink from that bottle

Day after day. 


I pray for your soul

And the torment you face,

But the truth about yourself

Alcohol can never erase.



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