Passion Fruit

Your body is like succulent fruit

Vine ripe, plump and tasty

I must quell my desire to gobble you up

I mustn’t be so hasty


Your skin so smooth and supple,

Tender to the touch

Wanting so to taste your flesh

My yearning is just too much


Your sweet aroma fills the air

And I absorb your pleasing essence

Entering my nose then body

Where it reacts like effervescence


My mouth is now watering

And I’m unable to fight

This thirst and anticipation

For the first delicious bite


I finally give in and peel away your clothes

Like the skin of some exotic fruit 

The goodness I find hidden within

Is exquisite without refute


I savor every morsel

The taste of you is divine

I’ll never share you with another

The pleasure of you is all mine


You satisfy my every desire

My hunger and thirst you sate

No other can compare to your passion fruit


It’s the best I ever ate.

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